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Casting sheave installation and performance introduction

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Installation process of casting sheave.

The installation steps for replacing casting sheave are

1. remove the wire rope pressure plate on the reel, so that the wire rope and crane separation.

2. the steel wire rope from the hook set after the overall disassembly of the original hook set.

3. remove the middle fixed pulley after splitting the hook set and install the matching casting sheave.

4. install the other casting sheave and pulley cover and other parts to make the hook set recovery.

5. will originally remove a wire rope into two wire rope of the same length.

6. will two wire rope respectively around the reel, fixed pulley, and hook group pulley finally fixed in the shaped pulley at both ends of the wire rope rope wedge set assembly;.

7. After the installation is completed, check whether the fasteners are fastened and reliable, casting sheave ends are kept in relative balance. If the two ends are not balanced should be adjusted to ensure that the shaped pulley is evenly stressed.

casting sheave

Casting sheave performance analysis.

1. casting sheave is not just a balancing beam device, its structure is fan-shaped structure, which integrates the uniform force of the circular pulley and the balancing effect of the rod balancing beam and other factors.

2. casting sheave rotation angle is larger, thus can adjust both sides of the wire rope due to the length of the uneven force caused by a large range of magnitude of the problem.

3. casting sheave's fan-shaped structure is designed to meet the uniformity of its structural members under different heavy load conditions, to ensure that under the heavy load adjustment state, its balance structural members do not reduce the force strength, while the general balance beam tilted to a certain angle, the vertical force strength of the rod will be significantly reduced.

4. casting sheave installation location is more convenient, the location is generally fixed in the middle of the original hook pulley set balance pulley location, transformation, only need to remove the hook pulley set on the balance pulley, and then install the axle hole size and the original pulley consistent shaped pulley can be. In addition, the overall size of the shaped pulley will not exceed the diameter range of the original hook pulley set and will not affect the running space of the hook pulley set and the overall lifting height of the crane.

5. Strength check: casting sheave device in the size and thickness of the hinge plate, the size of the wire rope wedge sleeve and the size of each opening should be calculated according to the rated lifting weight of the crane and the size of the hook pulley set.

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