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Causes and preventive measures for wear of cone crusher gears

View: 192607/28/2021  

cone crusher gears is an important transmission part of cone crusher, its operation condition directly affects the overall reliability of the crusher. cone crusher gears should have serious wear and tear, what to do. Today Baoxin will analyze the causes of cone crusher gears wear and preventive measures with you.

cone crusher gears

01、Cause of wear of cone crusher gears

1、The material to be crushed is difficult to wear coefficient is large

If the difficult grinding coefficient of the material to be crushed is large, the impact on the bevel gears is large, then the crusher will easily cause serious wear and even breakage of the cone wheel teeth under long time overload operation.

2、Cone crusher gears have impurities inside

In the cone crusher gears operation, the gears need a tight fit between, if the impurities entered, it will cause the bevel gears friction increased, resulting in wear and damage.

3, cone crusher gears lubrication condition is not good

Good lubrication condition is one of the effective ways to prevent all parts of crusher from wear, if the quality of lubricant of cone crusher gears is not qualified, incorrect lubrication method, etc., it will destroy the lubrication condition of cone crusher gears and intensify the wear.

4、The fit of cone crusher gears is not suitable

Poor gear meshing is also an important reason for the damage of cone crusher gears, because when the gears are not well meshed, it will lead to the tooth side clearance as well as the tooth top clearance not within the specified range, which will cause the gears to be damaged in a short time.

5、The crusher enters the unbreakable foreign matter

If cone crusher gears into the iron and other unbreakable foreign matter, over iron device failure is easy to lead to damage to machine parts, especially the gear is more harmful.

6、Inappropriate equipment transmission mode

cone crusher gears transmission form is a rigid connection, the motor through the flexible coupling and gear shaft for rigid connection, when cone crusher gears over iron or overload operation, it is easy to cause damage to the size of the gear.

cone crusher pinion

02、Preventive measures to reduce wear

Faced with the wear of cone crusher gears, what measures should be taken to prevent it?

1、Prohibit equipment overload operation

If too much material is put into the crushing cavity of cone crusher gears, the equipment is in overload operation for a long time, not only can't improve the production, on the contrary, it will cause serious wear and even breakage of the gears, or lead to fatigue cracks in the tooth root. Therefore, we should pay attention to make the equipment work and rest to reduce the damage of gears.

2、Strictly control the incoming material

If the material put into the crushing cavity contains iron and other impurities, it will cause serious damage to the gears, so we must strictly control the feed in production to reduce the damage of the gears.

3、Eliminate additional wear

As the gears are in operation, it is easy to produce impact vibration and additional sliding wear, which leads to serious damage to the gears. So we can make the center hole of the big bevel gear deviate from the center line of the eccentric bushing by a distance to ensure that the big bevel gear always rotates around the fixed center line of the equipment, thus eliminating the additional impact vibration and additional sliding wear produced to reduce the damage of the gear.

4、Ensure the normal meshing of gears

If cone crusher gears are not meshed properly in production, it will make the gears damaged faster. Therefore, we should ensure the normal meshing of gears, so that the cone tops of the two gears intersect at one point, and the pitch circle coincides.

5、Do a good job of gear maintenance

Do a good job of gear maintenance work, mainly the following two points.

    First, to ensure the lubrication of the gears to reduce the wear and tear of the gears in operation.

    Second, we should pay attention to check whether there is debris between the gears, if there is debris to clean up in time, so as not to affect the gear mesh, reduce cone crusher gears damage.

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