Mechanical properties of steel
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Mechanical properties of steel

Mechanical properties are often referred to as elasticity, plasticity, stiffness, aging sensitivity, strength, hardness, impact toughness, fatigue strength, and fracture toughness.

Elasticity: the deformation of a metal material under external force and the ability to regain its original shape when taken out of an external force.

Plasticity: the ability of a metal material to produce permanent deformation without causing damage when subjected to the external force.

Stiffness: the ability of metal materials to resist elastic deformation when subjected to force.

Strength: the ability of metal materials to resist plastic deformation and fracture under external force.

Hardness: the ability of metal materials to resist stiffer objects pressed into them.

Impact toughness: the ability of metal materials to resist fracture under impact loading.

Fatigue strength: the maximum stress that occurs when a metal material is subjected to numerous repeated or alternating loads without causing the fracture.

Fracture toughness: the performance index used to reflect the material's ability to resist crack expansion

Example: GB 45#

mechanical property

Normalization: 850;

Quenching: 840;

Tempering: 600;

Tensile strength: no less than 600Mpa;

Yield strength: no less than 355Mpa;

Elongation: 16[1]%;

Shrinkage: 40%;

Impact work: 39J;

Steel delivery status hardness [1]:

Hot rolled steel: less than 229HB

Annealed steel: less than 197HB

Component editor

The main component is Fe (Tie Yuansu), and contains the following elements:




P: = 0.035%

S: = 0.035%

Cr: = 0.25%

Ni: = 0.25%

Cu: = 0.25%[1]

Density 7.85g/cm3, elastic modulus 210GPa, Poisson's ratio 0.269.



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