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Cone Crusher pinion
Cone Crusher pinion
Product Detail

1) Cone Crusher pinion structure

Cone Crusher pinion structure

2) Cone Crusher pinion description

a. Spiral bevel gear teeth form: Gleason

b. Gear range of size available : Dia. 2000mm and gear max. module 36 .

c. Gear material: high strength alloy steel , such as :42CrMo ;17CrNiMo6;20CrMoTi ;40CrNiMo; 40CrNi2Mo, and so on or according customer request for gear .

d. Spiral bevel gear heat treatment : according material and application gear choose different heat treatment such as : quenching and tempering ( hardness HB300-330) ; teeth surface carburizing (hardness HRC≥55,depth 1.5-3 mm) ; teeth surface ion nitriding (hardness HRC≥55,depth 0.7-1.5 mm) ; surface induction hardness (hardness HRC≥55,depth 1-2 mm) and so on .

e. Gear precision : Grade ⅴafter teeth surface grinding .

f. Gear test : material UT , teeth MT after heat treatment , gear match test and so on .

3) Application

Gear product application : oil drilling equipment , water drilling rig , coal mining , metallurgy , crushing mill equipment , and so on .

4) Related Names

Spiral bevel gear ,Helical bevel gear , bevel gear

picture of Cone Crusher pinionImage of Cone Crusher pinionPhotograph of Cone Crusher pinion

Snapshot of Cone Crusher pinionIllustration of Cone Crusher pinionRepresentation of Cone Crusher pinion
Graphic of Cone Crusher pinionDrawing of Cone Crusher pinionPainting of Cone Crusher pinion

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