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Crane drum
crane cable drum
crane rope drum
crane hoist drum
crane wire rope drum
Product Detail

1) Crane drum structure

Crane drum structure

2) Crane drum description

The crane drum is one of the most crucial components in the crane equipment, with unique functions to wind steel ropes of the hosting or towing mechanism whereby converting the rotary motion of the driving unit into the linear motion of the rope.

3) Crane rope drum advantages and features

a. Thanks to the simple structure, crane drum adjustment and installation become rather convenient.

b. During crane drum operation, steel wire rope seat themselves properly into the spiral grooves arranged around the circumference of the cable drum.

c. Ensure a proper level of stress evenly acting upon the steel wire rope.

d. Crane drum standardized design is suited to various lifting heights.

e. Crane drum material: low-carbon alloy steel, such as Q345B, S355 J2G3, and so on, or according to client request.

f. Welding test: 100%UT and MT.

g. Groove heat treatment by intermediate frequency quenching, hardness HB330-350, and deep around ≥1.5mm.

h. High strength, lightweight, and great rigidity.

i. Lager-diameter drum with small drum width enables a safe fleet angle, which in turn extends the use life of the cable.

4) Application

Port, waste management, wind power, automobile, transformer, storage and logistics, steel factory, container, tunnel, construction machinery, metallurgy, and shipbuilding industries.

5) Related Names

Hoist drums, wire rope drums, winding drum supplier, electrical cord reels.

picture of Crane drumImage of Crane drumPhotograph of Crane drum
Snapshot of Crane drumIllustration of Crane drumRepresentation of Crane drum

Graphic of Crane drum

Drawing of Crane drumPainting of Crane drum
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